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What an amazing journey it has been so far and yet there is still so much to do.


After a soft launch period, EOPSA was formally incorporated as a not-for-profit association in August 2021. Despite the constraints from the epidemic we have been able to represent, inform and network, building a strong community of followers, engaging with global associations, debating with key influencers, meeting global decision-makers and more.

More than ever the subject of electrifying ship’s operations while at berth is key; 


With AFIR and FuelEU Maritime Initiative we are getting the legislative weapons toward broader implementation; through presentation of our key 5 points we shift minds; by highlighting the amazing work of our members we spur innovation and so on.

Our five points are as follows:

  • Broader implementation

  • Reciprocity along shipping routes

  • Clarity of public fundings [where can we apply?]

  • Ensure the entire OPS value chain works together to reach the Green Deal (fit for 55) goals.

  • Innovation and standardization

Clearly, these do not preclude from key local topics and issues that help facilitate installation and application.

Over these months, we have assembled hundreds of data sets, brought together key players and raised the visibility of our members and the association. We are working on bankable business cases and on collaboration with global associations.


I am proud yet this is not a time to sit back and relax.


Still too many constituents see problems where our members see solutions.


Still too many talk about complexities as action ersatz, citing absence of information and expertise.


In this we tirelessly highlight the best work undertaken by port authorities, shipping lines, energy companies, our members, port cities, etc.  

Inland port electrification, leisure electrification, seaport electrification – we press for reduced pollution, noise and vibrations! Join us!


A big thanks to all our followers, our members, our ambassadors and all those who contribute to the fight against climate change.


EOPSA brings together those who can!


Roland Teixeira de Mattos


Roland Teixeira Mattos
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