It is always very stimulating to be part of a new venture, a new launch, particularly when the objectives will serve generations to come.


With the establishment of the European Onshore Power Supply Association we are working to broaden and accelerate our greenhouse gasses emission reduction and make a strong contribution toward full sustainability in Europe and the world.


Over the years, I have had the privilege of working with extremely talented people from the port, maritime and energy industries and contributing to the launch of EOPSA, bringing them together for a common purpose, is therefore an honour.   


The maritime industry is the cornerstone of our global trade and plays a key role in our international relations; in 2019, 80% of our global trade of goods was carried by sea.


The shipping industry has been innovating since beginning of times, with focus on safety, wellbeing, efficiency, speed and has been over the last years, making substantial strides in the fight against climate change. However, when at berth, ships typically continue to use their fossil fuel fired engines to generate electrical power for several important operations such as lighting, ventilation, refrigeration, heavy fuel heating and much more. This brings about air pollution as well as vibrations and noise pollution.

The support of the European Commissions is seen as key and with the Green Deal, we are now at crossroads for broad implementation. Over the years, many pilot projects were built, but little focus placed on standards and reciprocity. In other words, over 200 quay side power units were installed, but only few operators can benefit from them.


EOPSA’s aim, together with our founding members, is to bring together key players in order to promote innovation, speed up installations, generate global standards and adoption, communicate, share best practices and ensure close collaboration and coordination between all members.


By bringing together an ecosystem of energy companies, port authorities, cities and maritime operators, EOPSA will represent their interest in the EU, cooperate with the International Maritime Office and ensure best value for its members.  

We are very much looking forward to this exciting EOPSA journey and helping our members flourish.


Roland Teixeira, MRICS, 6σ

Co-Founder, President