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Happy to announce a ‘Knowledge Partnership’ with Power Technology Research (PTR)

The knowledge partnership between PTR and EOPSA will be about content for topics including Shore side electricity (SSE), Shore Connection, Shore-to-ship Power, Alternative Maritime Power Systems, and Port Electrification in General, Green ports. It will provide our whole community with exclusive articles/analysis, webinars/online panel discussions. We will also be able to offer discounts to our members for their own research with PTR !

Power Technology Research Inc. (PTR) was formed in 2016 with the aim to provide world-class Power Grid and New Energy sector market analysis based on a transparent and flexible methodology. PTR enables proactive decision making, and their core values include:

1. Transparency: No ‘black-box’ datasets - Methodology provided upfront - Confidence rating on all data

2. Diligence: Deep technical knowledge - Complete coverage: market size, competitive analysis, market access

3. Digestibility: Holistic approach allowing all stakeholder perspectives - Tailorable methodology and outputs

We’re convinced that this partnership will strengthen our capacity to deliver a higher level of accurate information to our members!

Happy to collaborate and to get connected one step further !

Talk to you soon !


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